Udalguri College

Innovation & INCUBATION Cell

Udalguri College’s Innovation & Incubation Centre is a vibrant hub fostering creativity and entrepreneurship. The center offers a collaborative environment for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas into successful ventures. Through mentorship, workshops, and industry connections, the center bridges academia and industry, cultivating a culture of innovation and shaping the next generation of leaders and innovators. It serves as a pivotal platform for turning concepts into impactful ventures that contribute to societal progress.

Moreover, it also actively collaborates with numerous local entrapraneur. Through its initiative ‘Alpinia,’ an online shop dedicated to local producers, the center provides a platform for showcasing their products. This collaboration aims to support and promote regional businesses, creating a symbiotic relationship between the academic and local entrepreneurial communities. ‘Alpinia’ serves as a digital marketplace, allowing these producers to reach a wider audience while fostering economic growth in the region. This unique aspect further solidifies the center’s commitment to holistic community development and sustainable entrepreneurship.

The IIC also supports a community shopping platform Alpinia.


To provide a platform for entrepreneurship and incubating research mindset to the students of Udalguri College that encourages lucrative Business opportunities for the development of society.


  1. To incubate a positive mindset for innovative ideas to create employment opportunities.
  2. To create entrepreneurship opportunities to promote start-ups.
  3. To create a platform to provide necessary support and facilities for start-ups and to promote technical ventures.



  1. To form a strong interaction between academia and industries by creating a dynamic start-up ecosystem.
  2. To create awareness among stockholders by conducting workshops, seminars etc.
  3. To initiate revenue-generating business following the rules of Green Chemistry.
  4. To provide more entrepreneurship facilities to engage more students.


The Incubation and Start-up wing of Udalguri College helps launch start-ups by aspiring students and stakeholders through pre-incubation support, mentoring and infrastructural support in various thrust areas. The activities also involve coordination with various support agencies. 

It promotes innovative and executable ideas from various fields including agriculture, industry, handloom, sericulture, pisciculture, piggery, tourism, mushroom cultivation, vermicompost etc. It helps students, research scholars, faculty members, and young minds of Udalguri to execute their ideas into products, processes, or services for the benefit of society and industry. 

Entrepreneurship forms the backbone of the nation’s economy and to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem, Udalguri College is working on the ideology of starting own ventures amongst Udalguri’s youth. Today’s youth need to be more inclined towards creating jobs rather than getting one. Therefore, to assist the youth to become self-employed and create employment opportunities, the college has provided support in every possible manner. Therefore, for this purpose, a full-incubation Cell was set up in Udalguri College on 2nd of March,2023.

Assam Start-up link: https://startup.assam.gov.in/

MoUs Signed:

  1. MoU between Udalguri College and Sericulture Office, Govt. of Assam, Udalguri District, Udalguri. Signed on 09-03-2023.
  2. MoU between Udalguri College and Dahalapara Dairy Cooperative Society Ltd., Dahalapara, Udalguri. Signed on 04-04-2023.
  3. MoU between Udalguri College and District Sports Accociation, Udalguri District, Udalguri. Signed on 11-04-2023.
  4. MoU between Udalguri College and Gethsemane JFMC (A Man Made Forest, Bhairabkunda), Udalguri. Signed on 02-05-2023.
  5. MoU between Udalguri College and Aronai Boxing Training Centre, Udalguri. Signed on 19-05-2023.

Committee of the Incubation Centre, Udalguri


Name of Committee Members

Designation in the College

Designation in the Committee


Dr. Luke Daimary




Dr. Nilima Dutta

Vice Principal



Mr. Bipul Kumar Sarma

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry



Dr. Anjan Upadhyay

Assistant Professor, Department of English



Mr. Rupam Dutta

Assistant Professor, Department of English



Mr. Sarat Ramchiary

Assistant Professor, Department of History



Mr. Agni Prasad Upadhyaya

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry



Mr. Ramendra Nath Brahma

LDA, Udalguri College



Mr. Kunal Swargiary

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science



Mr. Pirus Basumatary

G.S., Udalguri College Student Union

Student Member


Mr. Boloram Majumdar

Student, B.Sc. 3rd Semester

Student Member


Mr. Akash Roy

Student, B.Sc. 3rd Semester

Student Member


Mr. Nabarun Das

Student, B.Sc. 1st Semester

Student Member