Udalguri College

Facilities Maintenance Guidelines

There exists appropriate mechanism for the maintenance and utilization of physical, academic and support facilities like laboratories, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. There are employees in the college who are given specific assignments for the maintenance of the laboratories. Each year, the necessary ingredients and materials for the laboratories are procured by the concerned departments. Students are informed of the laboratory facilities through notifications and classroom interactions. The Library Management Committee, which includes student members as well, oversees the maintenance and utilization of library facilities. Students are informed of the facilities through the library orientation classes and relevant bill boards kept in the library. The books are purchased by the concerned departments and then deposited in the central library.
The Sports Cell of the college along with the Physical Instructor of college maintains and utilizes the sports facilities. There is budgetary provision for the purchase of sports goods from time to time. Similarly there are assigned employees in the college for the physical upkeep and maintenance of the classrooms and computers. Students are informed of these facilities through notices, notice boards and other notifications issued from time to time.