Udalguri College


Udalguri College came into existence on the 20th August 1979, as a result of the ceaseless and untiring efforts of the preparatory committee under the leadership of the founder Principal Late Sailendra Nath Brahma. The primary aim was to provide an opportunity to the economically weak and underprivileged people of this region.  The College has been rendering valuable service to the cause of imparting higher education in Udalguri, its outskirts and nearby districts too from the last 41 years. During its journey, it has created opportunities for the underprivileged and the youths from the weaker sections of society, giving them a sense of purpose and direction in the pursuit of their dreams. Starting as an Arts college in 1979, the College has now grown into a full-fledged two-stream college with Arts and Science, and Honours courses in almost all the subjects offered.

As the only higher educational institution in this semi-urban area, it is committed to fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the people. The College makes strenuous efforts to nurture the students into nationally conscious citizens who can lead a life based on sympathetic cooperation with their fellow beings. One of the main objectives is to make the students cope with the technological demands of a fast developing country like ours. The institution also seeks to transform itself into an information hub for the people who found it difficult to access information technology. It is through an effective translation of its curricular aspects into meaningful teaching-learning activities that it strives to achieve its intended goals.

Although the institution was established by a few far-sighted people of Udalguri, it enjoys public support in all its ventures and enterprises. The campus of the College is eco-friendly and free from the din and bustle of the city, and this provides ample scope to maintain a sound academic environment.

Objectives of the College:

  • Foster the composite culture of the region, state as well as the nation at large and establish such departments as may be required for the study and development of the languages, Social Sciences, Science and technology
  • Promote in the students and teachers an awareness and understanding of the social needs of the country and prepare them for fulfilling such needs.
  • Encourage and facilitate research.
  • Contribute towards nation building by developing the human resources of this underdeveloped area to come at per with national and global standards of knowledge and professionalism.

It must be mentioned that the Peer Team of NAAC, which had inspected the College in 2004 for the first Cycle of Accreditation, had graded the College with C++ (68.25%) and the 2nd Cycle of Accreditation was carried out in 2016 and awarded ‘B’ grade (CGPA2.05).

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